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Stufinder FAQs

What is Stufinder?
Stufinder (also known as Stu Finder, StudioFinder, Studio Finder) is an app for booking recording studios. You can find a recording studio near you or list your studio and start earning.

Stufinder is a recording studio rental marketplace connecting those in need of studio time to studio owners.
What does Stufinder do?
Stufinder makes it fast & easy for musicians, producers, podcasters, engineers, and record labels to book studio sessions and rent studio time from studeurs (studio owners or managers).

Stufinder also makes it easy for studeurs (studio owners or managers) to earn money and more bookings for their recording studio.
Why should I use Stufinder?
Stufinder is 100% free to sign up and 100% free to list you studio. We just take a 15% hosting fee each booking.
What is a Studeur?




a person who owns, operates, or manages a recording studio.

via rapdictionary.com
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Is my Studio a good fit for Stufinder?
Yes. If your studio is a recording studio of any kind (professional studios, home recording studios, project studios, mobile studios, rehearsal studios, voiceover studios, podcast studios, etc), then it is a good fit on Stufinder.
Is it free to list my studio?
Stufinder is free to sign up and 100% free to list you studio. We just take a 15% hosting fee each booking.
What kind of studios can I book/rent?
You can book any kind of recording studio on Stufinder. We have all kinds of recording studios for your needs and goals!

Professional Recording Studios
Home Recording Studios
Podcast Studios
Project Studios
Rehearsal Studios
Mobile Studios
& more unique recording studios.
How do I add my Studio to Stufinder
 Listing your studio on Stufinder is easy!

Just download the Stufinder app and sign up and add your studio.

You can follow step-by-step instructions for listing your studio here
How can I request “Book us on Stufinder” stickers?
You can request “Book Us On Stufinder” Stickers for free here.

We will ship them out free to studios listed on the Stufinder App. Stickers are limited to 5 per studio in a year.
What do I need to book a recording studio?
All you need to do is sign up for Stufinder, find a studio you like, pay & book it!
I still have questions
If you have more questions or need support please submit a ticket here

or reach out to us at support@stufinder.com